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Denmark Ethnic Groups

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Danish minority


The government essentially sees these neighbourhoods as irremediable urban disasters, and in May it proposed dealing with them by mass eviction and reconstruction. The homes of up to 11, social housing tenants could be on the chopping block. Understandably, many residents are reeling. His building has been selected to be cleared, renovated and turned into private rental. Instead of solving a limited problem, they want to clear the whole block. In addition, the law itself applies differently in these neighbourhoods. Other laws seem designed to force the integration in Danish society of immigrant communities. To achieve this within 10 years, entire blocks will be emptied and converted into private and co-operative housing, from which people on low incomes will be barred. In some cities though not Copenhagen the blocks will simply be demolished. Current tenants will be offered alternative accommodation, but no control over its location, quality or cost. Those who refuse can now simply be evicted. Adding insult to injury, the eviction and renovation plans will be paid for from proceeds from a fund paid into by public housing tenants themselves. The plan has faced international censure. Few people dispute that the neighbourhoods on the list have problems.

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‘The House Bunny’ Has The Best Lines Since Pablo Escobar’s Coffee Table

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Confessions of a Disinvited White House Bunny

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